We have solidified a date for our first ever screening, it is a “works in progress” screening so we can get a reaction from the public and to make sure the film format operates correctly when projected on a larger screen. Oh, and the sound, too. There is a lot to learn in the days of multiple platforms on which to watch a film.

On May 20th, in the small town of Canon City, CO at the Core Knowledge Center, we will be holding the screening. The Royal Gorge Tea Party will be sponsoring the event. The other purpose for holding a “works in progress” screening is that it gives us an opportunity to hear from the public on what worked and what didn’t. I can tell you from having done a lot of the editing, at least the rough, unskilled part of it, what seems completely obvious to the casual observer has long since ceased to even register on a person who has seen the film 10,000 times. It all sort of morphs together and even if it is something a person should have caught, it falls under the rule of three passes. The rule goes like this: if someone walks past anything (a piece of trash, a broken board, a burned out light) three times they cease to see it, it becomes part of the landscape or a condition of the environment and ceases to be recognized. I have seen all of the flaws at least a couple of hundred times and while I try to fix them when I see them, sometimes the purpose of the edit has to be addressed first and the flaw has to be fixed on another session, so we will be counting on the public to see it fresh and give us valuable feedback before we send it out the world.

A lot of people have supported this film with their hard-earned dollars and I know they are anxious to see it and we are on schedule for a June release, but I don’t know if we will be able to do a World Premiere in June, that is not a completion issue. Everyone who has donated and selected a copy of the film as a perk will get their DVD in June, but the release date of a film is an important marketing issue and once the film is open to public purchase, it is past the World Premiere stage, it has then been released and past the point where film festivals will accept it. Some of the more prestigious festivals really want to host the World Premiere. Anyway, I don’t want anyone to worry about the release date being pushed back a little bit, it will not affect our obligations to those who have contributed generously to the cause, those were not purchases, they are considered insider copies to investors. There is nowhere where the film might be purchased by the public, even though the public might be able to donate and therefore receive a copy of the film. So, if you want to see it before the World Premiere, you can always donate and receive your copy in June. To do that, go to https://fundrazr.com/liesofomission3